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GOTO Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Well Equipped GOTO Telescope
Konus Digimax-90 GOTO Telescope
90 mm (3.5") Maksutov-Cassegrain - FL 1250 mm f/13.9

This is the highest performance GOTO telescope available at
anything like our great price.

(Equipped with a fantastic number of great features including
Motor Drives and GOTO Controller)

One Year Limited Warranty!

View of entire scope
View of entire scope

Objects in Database:
(Total of 43,439 objects!)

Database list
Carry Cases
System includes 2 handy carry cases

Check out these great features!
  • 90 mm (3.5") Maksutov-Cassegrain
    F.L. 1250 mm f/13.9
  • Drives, Mount, and GOTO Controller
  • Aluminum Tripod
  • Two Plossl Eyepieces! 1.25" 17 mm (74X)
    and 10 mm (125X)
  • 2X Barlow Lens! 1.25" Gives 148X and 250X
  • Prism Diagonal for comfortable viewing
  • Modern Red Dot Finder
  • Moon Filter
  • Two Soft Carry Cases
  • Very Portable
The Digimax-90 telescope takes full advantage of the Skyscan AZ controller that is the most advanced GOTO tracking software in its class. This system is operated through electrical DC motor drives that generate an incredibly silent and fluid motion coupled with a low battery consumption.

Fast and highly responsive, the Skyscan AZ will locate with high precision over 43,000 astronomical objects and will automatically point the telescope, thus allowing every beginner and amateur astronomer to access a lifetime of breathtaking exploration of the Universe. This telescope is a modern Maksutov-Cassegrain thus being powerful and versatile enough to deliver a great performance while observing the Moon, the Planets, and the more brilliant Deep-Sky objects. With good skies, this telescope will allow you to observe all of the Messier and Caldwell objects as well as the thousands of other double stars, clusters, nebula, and galaxies.

Compare this Konus telescope to the similar Celestron NexStar 90SLT:
This Konus telescope has 10 times as many objects in its database, includes 2 nice carry cases, and costs $40 less! We would agree that the number of objects in the database is not a major factor for such a telescope, but it never hurts to have a little more. And the carry cases and saving money are nice.

This is an exceptionally well equipped telescope. It uses standard 1.25 inch eyepieces. These are available in a great many different focal lengths from us and most other dealers. You can add more at any time. Using an optional, and highly recommended, 40 mm eyepiece, for example, you will get 31X and a 1.4 true field. This wide field will make it easier to find any deep-sky object. The eyepieces and barlow lens already included with this telescope will provide all of the high powers wanted for observing the moon and planets.

This telescope is light and portable, and the included motor drives and GOTO controller make it easy to use and to find objects. The included carry cases allow it to be easily carried outside and carried with you on vacations in the field. The short tube gives you a more stable telescope on your tripod.

We normally ship these within the CONUS (48 states) and use UPS ground. ASK US FOR SHIPPING PRICES OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES OR TO ALASKA OR HAWAII. Shipping outside the 48 states is by priority main (Alaska or Hawaii) or express mail (outside the United States.

Call or email us for a better shipping quote FOB Miami, FL.

Konus Digimax-90 GOTO Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope
SALE Price Only: $379.95!


Last Updated June 9, 2011