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Long - Fowls of the Air

Complete Details of Book

Full Title: Fowls of the Air
Author: William j. Long
Date: 1899-1901 - 106 Years Old
Summary: This book 15 chapters each of which cover details of one bird. Included are details on their habits, nests, and habitats. Native American names of the birds are given along with Native tales of the habits of several. Every page has a least a small engraved illustration. A great birding book! The story of a snowy owl attacking the author's duck decoys was a real treat.
Book Details: Pages: 310 (including Indian Name Glossary)
Size (apx): 5-7/8" X 7-7/8" (14.9cm X 20.2cm)
Full Page B&W Plates: 10
Other Illustrations: Every page has an engraving of either the bird in flight or at rest. In addition, there are numerous partial page engravings.
Details of Condition: The front cover is dark green and is perfect with very large, bright gold design. There are 3 tiny white spots on the rear cover. The spine is "sunned" to the point where it is a greenish brown instead of green. The gold imprint and design on the spine are quite bright. The photo of the cover below shows the spine as more brown then its actual brownish-green. The top edge of the pages is a bright gold with a slight bit of discoloration. Overall the book could pass for new - except they don't make them this way any more.

All pages are bright. We have no way of knowing the original color of the pages, but there is very little color to them - just a very slight trace of ivory. There is no foxing on the pages at all. The illustrations are perfect except for a few very tiny spots on the one facing the title page.

There is an ink signature of a former owner on the inside front cover (Arthur W. Spurause[?] - 1907). The inside front and rear flyleaves have small pencil notations. There also is one "freckle" on the rear flyleaf. If this is foxing, it is almost invisible.

And that is it. The book is in perfect condition other than these very, very few minor items. The binding is as sound as a new book. This book is listed with three copyright dates: 1899, 1900, and 1901. I will personally be proud to keep this book in my library if no one else wants it. A lovely book.

Fowls of the Air
Cover photo including spin and rear cover.
(The spine is greener than shown in the photo. It has been sun faded a little.)
Fowls of the Air
Title Page and Illustration (Note: Reddish tint is a shadow NOT on actual page)
Fowls of the Air
Shows page engravings and example of partial page illustration.
Fowls of the Air
Shows page engravings and example of partial page illustration.
Price: $89.95

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