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Many times these days we see that scientific books that are more than 5 or 6 years old are obsolete. For sciences such astronomy, books published before the year 2000 or so may be WAY our of date as far as theory and facts are concerned. The books we include here are a trip back to a more gentle time. Possibly when one had the time to reflect on the beauty of nature. Birding books do have a major advantage over some categories of scientific/nature books. Description of birds from history tell us what the species was like yesterday and how it survived until today. And the beauty is still there!

And still we find some of the old concerns are still new. Popular Science Magazines that we have from the 1880s talk about the loss or dying out of many species of animals and plants. There was concern about the degrading of the environment from over kill of game or clear cut of forests. Possibly the old is still new some of the time.

The birding books listed here range from about 70 years old and some are much older. We have a number of books more than 100 years old. For each of the books here we supply a number of photos and physical descriptions to let you know how the book looks. We also give a brief summary of the topics the book covers. Prices are based on our estimate of rarity and our review of condition. If you disagree about our price, give us a call. We can talk. And if you are not satisfied with a purchase, we take it back.

One tip to looking at antique books. Beware of descriptions such as "Looks good for its age". Age is not a measure of condition. It is a statement only of date of publication or printing. A book that is 100 or more years old is VERY rare in mint or near mint condition. We would all like to look that good at 100!

In the table below, we try to keep this page less cluttered. There are full details of all conditions of each book on a separate page. Just click on the book photo or the ...more info link

Title: The Bird World
Authors: W. H. Davenport Adams and H. Giacomelli (illustrator)
Summary: An obvious bird lover's description of the lives and habits of many bird species. With 174 pen and ink illustrations rendered as beautiful engravings. This is possibly the most beautiful book I have ever seen!
Condition: Tiny bit of wear and "sunning" on the spine. The binding is very sound but has one section very slightly pulled away. Beautiful condition with bright gold imprints.
1877 -
134 Years
SOLD We have a blue cover copy from 1879 (133 years old). Photos being prepared.
Title: Birds Worth Knowing
Author: Netje Blanchan
Summary: Descriptions of different groups of birds in fond detail. With 48 beautiful full page color illustrations.
Condition: Cover has a minor defect from tape. The rear hinge had a problem that was repaired. Fine otherwise. Gold imprints bright.
1919 -
92 Years
SOLD Sorry.
Title: Birds of Eastern North America
Author: Frank M. Chapman
Summary: Fully illustrated field key to identification of birds in region.
Condition: Cover is somewhat scuffed. Otherwise very good to fine condition. Gold imprints bright.
1909 -
102 Years
SOLD Sorry.
Title: The Sport of Bird Study
Author: Herbert K. Job
Summary: Begins with discussion of Birding. Then discusses groups of birds and their habits. Numerous full page B&W plates.
Condition: Few problems and those are very minor. Gold imprints on front cover bright.
1908-11 -
100 Years
Title: Fowls of the Air
Author: William J. Long
Summary: Fifteen different birds are given good coverage including habits, Native American names, and descriptions. Numerous full page B&W plates and partial page engravings.
Condition: Condition borders on perfect. Gold imprints on front cover bright.
1899-1901 -
110 Years

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