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Adams & Giacomelli - The Bird World

Complete Details of Book

Full Title: The Bird World Described with Pen and Pencil
Authors: W. H. Davenport Adams and H. Giacomelli (illustrator)
Date: 1877 - 130 Years Old
Summary: There are 5 main sections in this book:
  1. The Bird as an Individual
  2. The Movements of the Bird
  3. Intelligence of the Bird
  4. The Habitat of the Birds
  5. Bird Architecture
These sections discuss all aspects of a birds life and habits. These discussions include great examples in prose and poetry from many sources. An obvious bird lover's description of the lives and habits of many bird species. Birds from many areas of the world are used as examples in these sections. The illustrations used to complement the text are fantastic drawings originally made in pen and pencil. These are rendered in the book as lovely engravings. These engravings range from small in text drawings to full page plates.
Book Details: Pages: 464 (including subject analysis)
Size (apx): 6-7/8" X 9-3/4" (16.5cm X 24.9cm)
Illustrations: 174 Engravings (Fantastic 19th century art)
Details of Condition: The front cover and back cover are essentially perfect except for a very little wear on the bottom edge. The spine has a little wear at the top and bottom edges. It also is a little faded ("sunned") compared to the covers. The bright orangey-red cover and spine are stamped with text and designs with lots gold and accents in black. The gold is very bright on the front cover and almost as bright on the spine. The book pages are edged in gold which is quite bright all the way around.

Inside the covers there is black end papers that appear perfect. The next front page has a very small pencil mark on the left. On the opposite page with a dedication in ink: "Geraldine Rose Flower - With Her Godmothers Best Wishes - Xmas Day 1877". It should be noted that the book was copyright 1878 which would imply that this copy was released before the actual copyright date.

There is a small pencil notation on the last page of the book. A few pages in the book have very minor "freckles" on them. These are so few and so small that you would really have to hunt for them. There is no foxing on the pages except possibly for the few "freckles" just mentioned. The pages are bright with a very slight ivory tint possibly due to the age.

The binding on the book is very good and firm. At page 16, there is a one section very slightly pulled away for the top inch. Other than these minor items, the book is essentially like new except they don't make them like that anymore.

Opinions always vary, but this book is possibly the most beautiful book I have ever seen in my life.

The Bird World
Front cover photo
The Bird World
Book Spine
<b>The Bird World</b>
Back Cover
The Bird World
Title Page Illustration
(Pinkish tint is a shadow not on actually on photo)
The Bird World
Owl attacked by Falcon
Typical full page illustration
The Bird World
Typical text and illustration page.
(Grey shading and pink tink are shadows not on actual page.)
The Bird World
Selected illustration showing text blends (Note: Grey are shadows NOT on actual page)
Price: $124.95

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