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Compact Binoculars for Birding and Everything!

The choice of a pair of binoculars for Birding is discussed in the General Comments Page on the menu. The binoculars listed in this section are so compact and light, you can take them with you ALL the time. You had probably had times when you want to see something up close, but did not have your binoculars along because they were too much to carry. All of these compact binoculars are very small and have belt loops. Take them with you all the time. These are possibly a little small for astronomy (although I have seen about a dozen of the brighter objects with my pair). They are great for birding or spotting game when you are on the go. These come in a range of prices and capabilities for every need. Take along a cheap pair if you think you might be getting dirty in the field.

Carson XM Series Binoculars - Outstanding (With Phase Coated Prisms!)
This Carson Optics series includes 4 different binoculars ranging from 25 mm to 42 mm diameter objective. These all have good eye relief, and super wide field of view. Rubberized armor coating makes these binoculars rugged and shock proof. These are also listed with the birding/nature binoculars along with the larger ones in the series. This section only includes the compact ones.

The binoculars in this series have "phase correction coated" prisms. Because of their compactness, binoculars that use roof prisms are the best for field use for nature/bird study and hiking. These prisms use reflections inside the prisms to give an erect image. Because these reflections may be out of phase with standard coatings, roof prism binoculars may have a decrease in the brightness and apparent sharpness of the images. This series of binoculars has special phase correction coatings to eliminate this problem yielding brighter and sharper images.

Carson XM Series
Carson XM 25 mm Compact Binoculars

Waterproof/ Fog proof: Purged with dry nitrogen and O-ring sealed
Prisms: Roof prisms of BAK-4 glass and fully multi-coated
Lenses: Fully multi-coated with lens caps.
Eyepieces: Extra large and fully multi-coated with lens caps.
Eye Cups: Fully adjustable for use with or without glasses..
Focus: Center focus with diopter adjustment.
Additional Features: Sturdy case with straps for case and binoculars.

Power and Objective Field of View Exit Pupil Weight Price
8X25 WA 90.1m at 1000m
272ft at 1000yd
3.1mm 363gr / 12.4oz $189.95
10X25 WA 87.8m at 1000m
262ft at 1000yd
2.5mm 363gr / 12.4oz $199.95
Forest and Vivisport Ultra Compact 8X21 Binoculars from Konus
Konus Premium 8X21 mm Compact Binoculars

Waterproof/ Fog proof: Purged with dry nitrogen and O-ring sealed
Prisms: Fully multi-coated roof prisms
Lenses: Fully multi-coated
Focus: Individual focus (Military style)
Field of View: 126m at 1000m
413ft at 1000yd
Additional Features: Belt-loop case with straps for case and binoculars.
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.

When we looked at the specifications on these binoculars, we had to check the price again. With a lifetime warranty and being waterproof, one would expect a MUCH higher price. These use military style focus (individual focus).

There are two color styles in this series. The Vivisport binoculars are matte black. The Forest binoculars have a unique brush-camouflage pattern. These two styles are identical except for these body differences. I have a slight preference for the forest design which is supposed to be less noticeable while outdoors.

Because of the light weight (8.8oz. or 250gm. ) and belt-loop case, these are very easy to carry into the field. Great while birding or hunting!

Forest 8X21 Ultra-compact Binoculars
Great Sales Price Only: $28.95

Vivisport 8X21 Ultra-compact Binoculars
Great Sales Price Only: $26.95
Trend Ultra Compact Binoculars from Konus
Trendy Compact Binocularss These are a very inexpensive, but quite nice, group of small binoculars. They are center focus and blue coated. These ultra compacts are great because you will take them everywhere. With their very small weight, carry them all the time. There is a handy belt loop for you to carry them on your belt. Great for nature study, sports, and hunting. Although a little small for a lot of astronomy, these give great views of the moon and a number of clusters and galaxies.

If you have ever wanted to get a close-up view of some critter and could not because your regular binoculars are too large to lug around, you know what I mean. These come in two powers - 8X21 and 10X25 - and three colors - Blue, Green, and Black. Although we have both powers in all three colors right now, you never know. When you give a color choice, please give a second choice (i.e. Blue/Green).

Trend 8X21 Ultra Compact Binoculars
Temp Sales Price Only: $9.95
Color Choices are: Blue, Green, and Black
Color Choice and Second Choice:

Trend 10X25 Ultra Compact Binoculars
Temp Sales Price Only: $10.95
(Available in black body only)

Last Updated May 14, 2011