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Accessories for iOptron GOTO Mountings

Accessories for iOptron GOTO
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OWL Services is now a dealer for iOptron of Woburn, MA. They have a VERY interesting series of GOTO mountings and telescopes. These are sturdy, very accurate, and very reasonable in price. Starting at just $242, these mountings provide a very inexpensive way to get into computer based astronomy. Although these mountings come with most everything you need to start, there are several recommended accessories that will help your observing.

iOptron Accessories

Counterweight 1.5kg

Highly recommended for the SmartStar® A series mountings in the equatorial mode
Stainless Steel Tripod 2inch legs

Extra stable tripod for iOptron GOTO mountings
Standard on SmartStar® PR Mountings
Price: $20.00
Price: $131.95
GPS Module

Adds GPS capability to SmartStar® E and
SmartStar® PR Series
Auto Battery 12VDC Source

Eliminates the need for AA batteries
when AC power is not available.
Price: $159.95
Price: $21.95
Dove-tail Adapter Plate

Waiting for Photo

The plate adaptes many types of telescope mounts to a standard dovetail plate.
Please note: With the exception of the SmartStar® E series, all iOptron GOTO mountings come with UPB cable to allow firmware upgrades. They also include AC adapters for use with standard 110VAC current. If any of these become lost or damaged, we can provide these. We decided not to list them because you already have them.
Price: $29.95
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Last Updated September 1, 2008