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OWL Services is now a dealer for iOptron of Woburn, MA. They have a VERY interesting series of GOTO mountings and telescopes. These are sturdy, very accurate, and very reasonable in price. Starting at just $242, these mountings provide a very inexpensive way to get into computer based astronomy. All models are very portable and easy to take into the field for viewing at a distant site. All of the GPS models of the iOptron mountings use ASCOM protocol for compatibility with a range of available software programs.

We have given each of the models of iOptron mountings its own web page. In addition, this current page lists some basic specifications. Most of the iOptron mountings also are available as complete systems with any of three different telescopes. All of these mountings use standard dove-tail mounts to attach to almost any telescope.

For an overview of the features of each series, we have a table below to Compare Features.

Konus GOTO Maksutov-Cassegrain

We have been a dealer for Konus since Auguest of 2000. Konus has several Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes in their product list. Their 90mm version has just come out in a GOTO version. This is a very well equipped telescope with a very good GOTO mounting. The database includes a large number of objects for view. Checkout this telescope for a VERY well priced entry into the GOTO telescope experience.

Compare Features with all our GOTO mounts.

GOTO Mountings Models

SmartStar® E Series

  • AltAzimuth GOTO mounting
  • Inexpensive and easy to setup and use
SmartStar® G Series

  • AltAzimuth GOTO mounting with GPS
  • Large database and still inexpensive
SmartStar® A Series

  • AltAzimuth Equatorial Dual GOTO
    Mounting with GPS
  • Very large database and very well priced
SmartStar® PR Series

  • Equatorial EQ-5 GOTO Mounting with GPS
  • Exceptionally large database
  • Large payload capacity (up to 35 pounds)
  • Also available as a kit to modify
    your own EQ-5 mounting
MiniTower® Series

  • Heavy-duty AltAzimuth GOTO
    mounting with GPS
  • Exceptionally large database
  • Large payload capacity (up to 25 pounds)
Konus GOTO Maksutov-Cassegrain

  • AltAzimuth GOTO with large database
  • Inexpensive and easy to setup and use
  • Includes 90mm Maksutov-
    Cassegrain Telescope

Comparison of Features of iOptron and Konus GOTO Systems

  SmartStar® E SmartStar® G SmartStar® A SmartStar® PR MiniTower® Digimax-90®
Mount Type Alt-Azimuth Alt-Azimuth Alt-Azimuth
Equatorial Alt-Azimuth Alt-Azimuth
Database Objects 5,000* 50,000* 80,000* 130,000 130,000 44,500
GPS Control Optional Standard Standard Optional Internal Standard NA
Payload Capacity 11 Pounds** 11 Pounds** 11 Pounds** 35 Pounds 25 + 8 Pounds*** NA****
Tripod 1 inch SS 1 inch SS 1 inch SS 2 inch SS 1.5 inch SS Aluminum
Table Notes:
*      May be upgraded to other databases (up to 130,000 objects) with optional controllers.
**    Maximum capacity may depend on tube length and accessories used.
***  Normal payload capacity of MiniTower is 25 pounds. An additional 8 pounds may be supported on the balance side.
****Includes Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with mounting.

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Last Updated January 8, 2009