Computer Controlled Reflector

A lot of telescope in a compact package

Well Equipped GOTO Computer Controlled Telescope
  Meade DS-2114 Reflector Telescope
114 mm (4.5") Reflector - FL 1000 mm f/8.8

Computer Clock Drive Included to Find
and Follow the Stars and Planets
(This telescope is factory refurbished and in original condition)

(Computer controlled GOTO from either the paddle or your laptop computer)

View of entire scope
View of entire scope
Check out these great features!
  • 114 mm (4.5") Newtonian Reflector
    F.L. 1000 mm f/18.8
  • Computer Controlled Drive, Mount, and Telescope
  • Aluminum Tripod
  • Two Eyepieces! 1.25" 40X and 111X
  • Optical Finder - 6X30
  • Database of 1471 objects plus 200 user defined objects.
  • Computer Software Included with many additional objects
  • Very Portable
View of entire scope
Telescope Details
The Meade DS-2114 telescope allows a lot of power in a tube less than 18" (435 mm) long. This system includes an computer controlled motor drive that find and follow the deep-sky objects and planets.

This telescope is a classical Newtonian Reflector made modern by computer control. Great performance while observing the Moon, the Planets, and the many brilliant Deep-Sky objects. With good skies, this telescope will allow you to observe all of the Messier and Caldwell objects as well as numerous double stars, clusters, nebula, and galaxies.

This is a well equipped telescope including the computer drive, optical finder, and two eyepieces. It uses standard 1.25 inch eyepieces. These are available in a great many different focal lengths from us and most other dealers. You can add more at any time.

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