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High Resolution Planetary Eyepieces

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High Resolution Planetary Eyepieces

The eyepieces to use when resolution of fine detail is important.

These eyepieces are designed especially for Planetary observations. They are designed to give the highest resolution of subtle contrasts seen on planets and the moon. While many eyepieces are designed to give super and ultra wide angle views, they do so at a loss of details and contrast. These planetary eyepiece are designed to be used for high power, high resolution views where faint details are the objective. There is virtually no halo around bright objects that lose contrast. In addition to lunar and planetary detail, these are ideal for other observations where resolution of fine details is required. They will help resolve close double stars and stars in globular clusters.

The optics are all edge-blackened and have the most modern multi-coatings for maximum contrast.

Planetary Eyepiece Group

These eyepieces have flat fields and a field of view is 58°. While this is not a superwide field, the flat field means that you will be able to let the planets drift across the field of view in your DOB or other telescope without a drive. They keep all details essentially edge-to-edge.

Most high power eyepieces have a very small eye relief. Your eye has to be pushed into the eye cup to see the image. These Planetary Eyepiece have an excellent eye relief of about 14 mm. This means you can use them with glasses.

The above photographs show the planetary series eyepieces. Click for second group. Double-Click to return. We are going to carry the 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, and 9 mm eyepieces in this series. The 9 mm eyepiece has 6-elements in 4-groups. The rest of the series have 5-elements in 3-groups.

The eye cup on these eyepieces is adjustable up and down to give  you the most Planetary Eyepiece With Caps comfortable view. Turn it up for use with eye glasses or down without glasses. Top caps, bottom caps, and a good bolt-type case are included with all members of this series. This bolt-type case is a roomy, premium one made for us here in the United States. A lot of dealers are charging up to $4 for these but we include it free.

Please note: These eyepieces are designed to give high power observations, but every telescope has a maximum useful power. Any power may be possible, but if the power used is too high, the image can become too dim. In general, the minimum focal length eyepiece (highest power) can be found as follows:

 Fmin focal length  =Focal Ratio / 1.8

In other words, divide your telescope's focal ratio by 1.8 to get roughly the minimum focal length eyepiece recommended for your telescope. This assumes very good to excellent seeing conditions.

We are starting these eyepieces at a sale price. We always try to give our customers the best prices.

High Resolution Planetary Eyepieces

These prices are for a limited time only.
This price includes a premium bolt-type case made in the USA - a $4 value.

2.5 mm Planetary Eyepiece
Price Only: $45.95.

3.2 mm Planetary Eyepiece
Price Only: $45.95.

4 mm Planetary Eyepiece
Price Only: $45.95.

5 mm Planetary Eyepiece
Price Only: $45.95.

6 mm Planetary Eyepiece
Price Only: $45.95.

7.5 mm Planetary Eyepiece
Price Only: $45.95.

9 mm Planetary Eyepiece
Price: $45.95.

You may choose your own sets of three (3) of these eyepieces.
(Sets must all have three different focal lengths)

Only: $124.95

Enter Any Three (3) Different Eyepiece Focal Lengths:

Last Updated September 23, 2011

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