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Konus Refractor Telescopes

Excellent telescopes for all budgets and observing plans.
Two Year Limited Warranty!

70 MM Refractor
FL 900 mm f/12.9
With RA Motor Drive

This telescope is light and portable, and the included clock drive makes it easy to use.

Compare this 70 mm telescope to a 60 mm.

60 mm

70 mm

Visual Mag. Limit



Resolving Power



1782 Konusmotor-70

(Sharp and True Color Images)


  • 70 mm (2.75") Refractor F.L. 900 mm f/12.9
  • Equatorial Mount with slow motions
  • RA Clock Drive INCLUDED!
  • 2 Eyepieces: 1.25" 45X and 150X
  • 90 Diagonal
  • 5X25 Finder
  • Moon Filter
  • Very Portable

Super Sale Price Now: $99.95

This interesting motor driven telescope takes up the middle ground between the more expensive 90 mm systems and the smaller 60 mm systems. It is significantly lower in price than the 90 mm telescopes and in the same range as the 60 mm systems. The price of this telescope is quite inexpensive for a refractor with a motor drive.

This telescope gathers 36% more light and has 19% more resolving power than a 60 mm telescope. Its combination of focal length and aperture make this telescope essentially free of false color.

Fantastic Sale Price: $99.95. + shipping cost
Please call us or send an email for shipping cost.

Last Updated October 27, 2011