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Special Deals on Optics!

Sale Starts March 29, 2012!
View of Meade

Fantastic Price on Meade GOTO Telescope
114 mm (4.5 inch) Reflector

Well equipped - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!
(This telescope is factory refurbished)

Sale Starts July 23, 2011!
Great Planetary Eyepieces!  We will be getting our new order of these planetary eyepieces late next week. These are a very well reviewed series of Planetary Eyepieces. Great flat fields, very high powers, and excellent eye relief! These will be in stock about July 28. Our price is going to be at about the very best you can find anywhere, and we will include a premium US made bolt-type case.

We will have a good range of focal lengths from very high to medium power. These include 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, and 9 mm focal lengths. In addition to our great price, we have a set of three available at an even better price.


Fantastic Refractor Lens Assembly - 155 mm (6.1 inches) Diameter
(5 Elements in 2 Assemblies) f/2.0 to f/3.25
Main Assembly contains an ED Lanthanum Element

FULLY MULTI-COATED - Used but in excellent condition.

Make a dream refractor - 300 to 500 focal length and 260 mm long.
This came from a government camera lens costing thousands!

Consider this a fairly easy, but not a trivial,
telescope construction project.

APO Lens Set
Refractor Lens has two assemblies. One is a 155 mm air-spaced triplet lens with an ED Lanthanum element.
The second is a 85 mm corrector lens. All lenses fully multi-coated.
The 155 mm assembly makes a 190 mm focal length
(f/1.25) refractor by itself. This objective assembly
has 3
air-spaced elements including an ED element.

The second assembly in this refractor optics gives a final system of 310 mm to 500 mm focal length
(f/2 to f/3.25)

Side view of lens
Side view of refractor assemblies
These lens assemblies came from a government camera that cost thousands to produce. This will make a dream, fast refractor at 6.1 inches (155 mm) and f/3.25 to f/2.0. All elements are fully multi-coated. One of the elements is an ED Lanthanum lens.

There are only a VERY few of these available. As they say, when they are gone, they are gone. These elements are packed with care and sent to you with suggested spacing for several different focal ratios.

The main  lens element itself will make a fantastic f/1.25  scope. Use that for a real fast CCD camera element. With the corrector, you get a high quality, and still a very fast, f/2.0 to f/3.25 refractor. These assemblies produce 300 to 500 mm focal length. Because of the corrector element, the total length of the refractor itself is only 250 mm long or a little longer.

This is a fast lens system that will make a great deep-sky telescope and "rich field" scope. Would take fantastic deep-sky photos!
To construct this telescope you need to provide a tube and supports for the two assemblies. You also will need to support these assemblies in such a way that they can be aligned the first time. You need a refractor focus mount. The resulting job is much easier than grinding a mirror, but not a trivial job. A 6 inch refractor is usually difficult to mount, but the short tube length makes this fairly easy.

Contrast in very important to bring out faint deep-sky features and fine detail. This refractor has advanced multi-coated optics and the ED element in the triplet.

Shipping by mail on this item within the US is $15.95. We do not plan to ship these outside the United States. Email us about to discuss this if you wish.
6 Inch Refractor Lens System
Price Reduced for Short Time Only: $199.95.


Barrels for Main Cell

We now have available the barrels that held the main cell for these lens sets. Please note from the photos how these are made. While these barrels only hold the main cell, that part of the mounting is solved with a very sturdy holder. These barrels include the set-screws. If you have any questions, give us a call.
Main Lens Barrel Main Lens Barrel
Barrels for Main Cell of 6 Inch Refractor Lens
System with purchase of lens set
Price: $19.95.

Barrels for Main Cell of 6 Inch Refractor Lens
System with out purchase of lens set
Price: $21.95.


Great Short Time Specials!!!

We originally tried to give these for a 48-hour period, but our customers wanted a longer term. Now these last until we cancel them. New items will be put on this short sale as often as we find time. So check every day to see what is REAL cheap for a short time. Some of these are one-of-a-kind items. Sales on these are good for either for at least a 48-hour period or until sold out or canceled.

Other Great Sales

People may have missed this special!

This is an absolutely fantastic group of binoculars! For some reason these are being missed. These new Emperor binoculars have replaced the great Event series that we have carried for a while. These are probably the best pair of binoculars for birding/field/hunting you can buy for under $400 and they are priced less than $150! You will be bragging about these. Don't tell them the price you paid. Everyone will be VERY impressed.

Rugged Binoculars (with Phase Corrected Prisms) for Nature/Bird Study.
These Konus binoculars have everything you could expect in a high-end pair of binoculars except for the price. These are waterproof (water resistant), rugged, and have Phase Corrected BAK-4 prisms - a high point in advanced binocular technology. They meet or exceed almost everything on the market including those with MUCH higher prices.

The eye relief is very long, and the field of view is super wide. These are purged with dry nitrogen and O-ring sealed to make them water, fog, and frost free.

100X Objective
Microscope Objective 100X Oil Immersion.
  We have an great price on an excellent 100X oil immersion objective. This will give you up to 2000X using a 20X microscope eyepiece (1000X with a 10X eyepiece.

You would be very pleased with the quality of these. At our prices these can be used for home schooling as well as college and high school laboratories.

SALE PRICE: $36.95!!

View of entire scope

Check out our great price on a
VERY well equipped Konus reflector!
We believe you will be very happy with these scopes!

Last Updated May 17, 2012

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