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Black Knight OWL Super Plossl Eyepieces

Sharp Black Knight Super Plossl Eyepieces

A great general purpose eyepiece at a great price.

The Plossl design eyepiece is considered one of the best general purpose designs. With the exception of the 40 mm and 30 mm eyepieces, all of our Plossls have a good field of view of about 52. The 40 mm and 30 mm have a field of view of about 44 because they are limited by the 1-1/4 inch eyepiece mount. All of these are fully multi-coated for increased contrast. They also have an indent to allow you to use less set-screw pressure on the barrels. This helps keep the barrel from getting knicked. These Super Plossl eyepieces are designed to use 1-1/4 inch focus mounts. We supply deluxe bolt type cases for all eyepieces.

This eyepiece design consists of two lens groups each of which has two elements. These two element lens groups are designed to work as a pair to reduce almost all of the false colors that single lenses would produce. This fairly basic design means that Plossl eyepieces do not have to be expensive.

Partly because the design has only a few elements, Plossl eyepieces have better contrast and sharpness than some very expensive complex designs of numerous elements. This makes the Plossl design very good for viewing details on the Planets and Moon. There are better designs for planetary details, but the Plossl is the best priced design that is very good for this purpose. On deep sky objects, the 52° field gives reasonably wide fields while keeping the price reasonable.

With short focal length Plossl eyepieces there can be one disadvantage. All Plossl eyepieces, regardless of brand or price, have an eye relief of about 2/3 to 3/4 the focal length. This can get very short which forces you to push your eye into the eye cup. Short focal length Plossl eyepieces cannot be used while wearing glasses.

Our series of Super Plossl design eyepieces were redesigned by us from a well known series. We believe that the appearance is very nice, and all in eyepieces in this series are fully multi-coated and have the indent to protect the barrels. We believe that we have come up with an elegant look that is scratch resistant because of a deep anodized aluminum finish. We have our Knight OWL brand on these. The focal lengths range from 40 mm to 4 mm in this series. At the prices we have these listed and the quality of the product, we believe that this might be the best value in eyepieces anywhere!

Black Knight OWL Super Plossl Eyepieces

30 MM FMC Super Plossl 25 MM FMC SuperPlossl
40 MM FMC Super Plossl 30 MM FMC Super Plossl 25 MM FMC Super Plossl
Price: $22.95.
Price: $21.95.
Price: $20.95.
20 MM FMC Super Plossl 15 MM FMC Super Plossl 12.5 MM FMC Super Plossl
20 FMC Super Plossl 15 FMC Super Plossl 12.5 FMC Super Plossl
Price: $19.95.
Price: $19.50.
Price: $18.95.
10 MM FMC Super Plossl 6.5 MM FMC Super Plossl 4 MM FMC Super Plossl
10 MM FMC Super Plossl 6.5 MM FMC Super Plossl 4 MM FMC Super Plossl
Price: $18.50.
Price: $17.95.
Price: $18.95.
You may choose your own sets of four of these eyepieces.
(Sets must all have four different focal lengths.
You may enter a 2X barlow for one of the eyepieces.)

Only: $64.95

Enter Any Four (4) Eyepiece Focal Lengths:
You may choose your own sets of three of these eyepieces plus a 3X barlow.
(Sets must have three different focal lengths plus the 3X barlow.)

Only: $69.95

Enter Any Three (3) Eyepiece Focal Lengths:

Last Updated September 20, 2010